Creative Intelligent Me LLC was formed by Brooklyn NY native, Janel Williams, MS.ED out of a need to make math achievable for all.  As a math teacher, Janel has seen many students enter her classroom with anxiety and a self defeated attitude.  Janel, however, had the unique gift of presenting challenging math topics in fun and creative ways so that students left her classes confident in their math abilities.  

Janel has taken her talent and passion for math to writing a research based book series entitled, Granddaddy Parallelogram.  This book series is written so that children as young as 5 can understand advanced geoemetric concepts initally. 
Janel has used her 20 years of administrative and teaching experience to further expand her vision by creating a team of talented educators to run summer camps, after school programs, professional development workshops for educators, and customized workshops for communities and families.

Creative Intelligent Me runs all its workshops and services believing that everyone is creative and intelligent in their own way.  Contact us to be a part of our workshops and pick up one of intelligence toys by visiting www.creativeintelligentme.comType your paragraph here.

​"My daughter LOVED your book. She said that she was surprised that it was good because it was about Math. LOL" - Ashaki Coleman

"My class absolutely loved Granddady Parallelogram!! A student just brought up Granddaddy parallelogram today! We spent two days with it and I'm hoping to revisit more activities after I get through our last two lessons. Thank you so much!" - Laren Dowling

"Your Professional Development workshops are the best! You keep teachers engaged from beginning to end." - Teachers of NJ

"I love Creative Intelligent Me! More teachers should teach this way!" 8th grade summer camp student


Popular Programs

  • Creative Intelligent Me Summer Boot Camp for K-8
  • High quality and engaging Professional Development for teachers and administrators
  • Granddaddy Parallelogram Geometry Workshops
  • ACT Test Camp 
  • SAT Test Camp
  • Parent Workshops 
  • After school programs
  • One-on-one tutoring online or in person by appointment